About Us

We are a group company operating in a corporate line with our subsidiaries operating in the Tourism, Organization, Informatics, Automotive, Energy and Health sectors. We are Innovative, Aggressive, Creative, Organized and Disciplined with our structure based on ethical values, our expert staff committed to our mission and vision, and our management team that adopts quality as a principle.


YAKO Groups, internationally recognized, world-class service giving, following the innovations and leading the innovations, is the best, and aims to be the first brand that comes to mind in these matters has a vision of being an organization.

  • To offer original solutions to institutions with its planned and programmed structure based on the perfection of service quality,
  • Every person or institution that wants to receive service is the same. to approach with transparency and objectivity,
  • To perform one's work with dedication and discipline,
  • It is an organization that adopts the mission of being innovative and adhering to its basic principles.

1.Innovative   2.İnovatif    3.Unique   4.Customer-Oriented   5.Creative   6.Rapidness   7.Solution-Oriented   8.Courtesy